Who do you contact to remove an alligator?

Whomever sees the alligator MUST call FWC (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission) first as they will ask that individual specific questions about the size and attitude of the gator. FWC will ask them if they are the property owner of the pond and then they will need to tell FWC they are not, and that the CDD is. The resident is to call the CDD  (813-994-1001) with the reference number that FWC provides them. The Seven Oaks district then calls FWC (888-404-3922) to confirm the reference number and that we authorize a trapper to come on CDD property to remove the gator.

Who would you contact if a street light is out?

Please report any street light outages by visiting www.wrec.net

click on top left icon that says “street light repair request” and fill in the requested information. This will speed

up the process for repairs.



You can also email  clubhouse management at clubhouse@sevenoakslife.com.  You will be asked to provide your name, phone number, pole number(if it has one)

and the closest home address.


Can I use the Seven Oaks Clubhouse even though I do not live in the Community?

If you are not a resident of Seven Oaks you can pay a daily user fee in the amount of $20.00 per person, per day for use of the amenities. We also offer a yearly membership fee in the amount of $900.00 per person ages 18 and over, $600.00 per person, ages 1 to 17 and complimentary for infants under 1.

Non-Emergency line 727-847-8102

  • Reporting a crime with no suspect (e.g., theft of a licence plate)
  • Reporting a crime with suspect, but suspect is not on the scene (e.g., fraud)
  • Reporting a serious crime with suspect, but with a lengthy delay (e.g., assault that occurred last night at a bar)
  • Non-emergency in-progress (e.g., noisy party, drug use)
  • On-going crime issues or crimes that are not in-progress (e.g., graffiti or ongoing drug dealing with no suspect on scene)
  • A suspicious circumstance that may indicate an ongoing criminal activity