November 17, 2023

Holiday Light Tour

4th Annual Holiday Light Tour!  It has become a tradition to open the gates on select dates to allow residents to tour our Seven Oaks community and view the wonderful holiday lights.  This year, we will open the gates on December 16th, and December 24th from 7pm until 11 pm.  

October 15, 2023

Governor Ron DeSantis Announces 50% Discounts for Florida State Park Passes and FWC Hunting and Fishing Licenses

ICYMI: Governor Ron DeSantis Announces 50% Discounts for Florida State Park Passes and FWC Hunting and Fishing Licenses

Discounts available for three months, from Oct. 14, 2023, through Jan. 13, 2024

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Governor Ron DeSantis announced the Great Outdoors Initiative to encourage Floridians to go outdoors and explore Florida's natural resources, including our award-winning state parks, vast recreation areas, and world-renowned waterways. As part of the Great Outdoors Initiative, Governor DeSantis signed Executive Order 23-209 (The Great Outdoors Initiative) directing the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) to provide a significant 50% discount on annual state park passes and FWC Gold Sportsman hunting and fishing licenses. The Governor fully supports Floridians in enjoying our state's natural resources and the activities that have become family traditions such as hunting and fishing. To learn more about the initiative and to purchase a pass or license, click here.

Effective Oct. 14, 2023, and extending three months through Jan. 13, 2024, DEP will temporarily offer Florida State Parks annual passes for families and individuals at a 50% discount, while FWC will be discounting its annual resident Gold Sportsman license, five-year Gold Sportsman license and Lifetime Sportsman license by 50%.

lower_florida_bucks Good news! The governor is offering 50% off hunting and fishing licenses between now and January 13th...

October 10, 2023

Tariq's Light The Night Fundraiser

September 4, 2023

New Residents' Council Web Page

Seven Oaks Residents' Council seal

August 11, 2023

S-19 : Developer Proceeding At Their Own Risk

S-19 is the vacant lot in the Seven Oaks Shopping Plaza at the corner of SR56/581.  On 1/10/22 Stock Development asked the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) to approve 320 apartments (800 residents, 700 vehicles) next to Sam’s Club store/car wash/gas station.  It was denied.  Upon resubmission on 10/11/22 the BCC reversed their decision, approving the Residential rezoning request. 


An Appeal was filed on 11/10/22.  On 1/9/23 an Order to Show Cause was issued indicating the Appeal had merit.  It required a BCC Response, filed 2/23/23.  Refuting the Response, a Reply was filed on 3/22/23.


Despite common legal procedure, and a waning apartment market (Tampa Bay Business Journal, 7/21/22), Stock has chosen to develop S-19 before resolution of the Appeal.  Operating at their own risk, Stock may thus be required to undo whatever they do to S-19.


Despite Stock’s current activities, S-19’s future lies with the Courts (Case #2022CA002963).  Three Judges will review the case and decide whether the Appeal is valid (~ no apartments), invalid (~ yes apartments) or remand the case to the BCC (~ start over). 


Meanwhile, Wesley Chapel awaits the lawful completion of the Seven Oaks Shopping Plaza.

June 15, 2023

Proposal to rezone Crown Building to Commercial?

Attention All Seven Oaks Residents


The owner of the building and 1.2 acres north of the SO Clubhouse wants to change how their property is going to be used.  The current building is zoned for “Recreation Center.”  The two future buildings behind it are zoned for “Recreation,” “Offices” and “Ancillary” uses including “Veterinary Clinic.” Crown (the Seven Oaks developer and occupant of the existing building) and SB Development want all three buildings zoned the same, including “Rec Center” (a use not previously defined).  Conditions for Approval include some objectionable items from the Parcel S-19 proposal, still under Appeal. 

The result would be similar to the Main Event in the nearby Tampa Outlet mall.  Publicly available, fee based, privately owned and managed, it could include a weight room, swimming pool, café, movie theatre, tennis courts, bingo hall, music studio and more.  Seven Oaks already has most of the proposed amenities available to the public for similar fees.  Other features like an arcade, bowling alley and mini-golf are also available nearby at the Tampa Outlets making the proposed Seven Oaks “Rec Center” even more redundant, unnecessary and unprofitable than before.

The same basic proposal was made and denied in 2018.  Despite subsequent mediation, the latest proposal would still destroy 1.2 acres of mature trees, use 39 of the 54 spaces in the Clubhouse parking lot and introduce more traffic and noise for more hours in a quiet residential neighborhood already plagued with cut-through traffic avoiding the traffic lights on Bruce B. Downs Boulevard.

Help us defeat this overdevelopment disaster again.  Until their next meeting on July 11th, call and e-mail each of the Commissioners daily with your opinions at, 352-521-4111;, 352-521-4111;, 727-847-8109;, 727-847-8100; and, 727-847-2411, ext. 7164.  Volunteer to coordinate or hand-out flyers until then.  Request to speak at the BCC meeting via Webex  Or attend the meeting and request to speak, from your own words or from a prepared slide.   Whether in-person or Webex you get 3 minutes to convince the Commissioners why you think a “Rec Center” in the middle of Seven Oaks is duplicative and unnecessary.



By Patrick Mullen

May 31, 2023

SOPOA Office will be closed June 8th, August 3rd, and August 8th

May 16, 2023

Age To Drive Golf Cart In Florida Increases - Still Not Permitted in Seven Oaks

Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill that prohibits anyone under 18 from driving a golf cart on designated roadways unless he or she has a valid learner's permit or driver's license.   Seven Oaks streets are not designated for golf carts.   Driving golf carts, regardless of age, in Seven Oaks streets is not permitted.  Violators are subject to charges, fines and/or penalties.

April 27, 2023

S19 Fate with Courts

On 1/10/22 the SD,LLC proposal for 320 shopping center apartments, 800 more customers and their 700 vehicles next to the Sam’s Club store/car wash/gas station at the corner of SR56 and 581 was presented to the BCC.  It was denied (3 to 2).  The BCC (i.e., Commissioner Oakley) reversed their decision (3 to 2) on 10/11/22.  On 11/10/22 I filed an Appeal of the reversed decision.   On 1/9/23 Judge Diskey issued an Order to Show Cause which indicated that the Appeal had merit.  The Order required a BCC Response to the Appeal, filed 2/23/23.  I filed a Reply on 3/22/23 refuting the BCC’s Response.


S-19’s fate now lies with the Courts (Case #2022CA002963).  Other than the 3/27/23 BCC Motion for Oral Argument (a.k.a., open court) and my Objection to it, there has been no visible action on the Docket.  That notwithstanding, a panel of Judges will be seated to review the case and decide whether the Appeal is valid (~ no apartments), invalid (~ yes apartments) or remand the case to the BCC (~ start over).  In the meantime, Wesley Chapel anxiously awaits the lawful completion of the Seven Oaks Shopping Plaza.        


Contributions to the Appeal can be made online at or by check to Patrick T. Mullen; 2653 Bruce B. Downs Blvd.; P.O. Box #108-PMB138 Wesley Chapel, FL 33544.  


Remember, “Development is a privilege” not a right. (Trent Meredith, Inc. vs. City of Oxnard, 114 CAL. App. 3d 317 (1981)).

March 27, 2023

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Fundraiser Event

March 22, 2023

Rebuttal Filed

Patrick Mullen filed a Rebuttal to the County's Response to his Appeal of Resolution 23-09RZ.  Now the future of S-19 lies in the hands of the Court.  Judge Diskey will appoint a panel to review the Case (2022CA002963).  They will probably 1) accept Patrick's Appeal (~no apartments) and reverse the Resolution, 2) deny his Appeal and let the Resolution stand (~apartments) or 3) remand the Case to the PC/BCC and let them figure out what to do about S-19 (~new proposal).

March 14, 2023

2023 Graduate Signs Around the Clock Tower


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